The love for soccer and the ambition to innovate were the two factors that led Leonardo Delgado to create AirSoccer. The company was founded in April of 2019 in Florida after Leonardo and his friends gathered in his house, put an improvised table on the backyard and started to play what would soon be known as AirSoccer.

What began with a table made of plastic was soon turned into the first AirSoccer table, a homemade prototype made out of aluminum with a wooden surface.

After getting the right measures, the perfect angle, the right materials and the best design, it was finally time to contact our manufacturers and begin the mass production of the AirSoccer table that we know and love today!


Our Goals

AirSoccer is a fairly new sport that has attracted the attention of many soccer enthusiasts, as well as professional soccer players. Our company’s objective is to bring awareness and to disseminate this amazing sport, and also to implement a league specific for it, called ASL.



Our Vision

The AirSoccer team is very optimist with this new sport, we are relentlessly working everyday to spread and disseminate AirSoccer throughout the whole world, starting with the U.S. We believe that this new modality put together 4 factors that make a sport great: entertainment, competitivity, health, and passion.