About us

What is AirSoccer?

AirSoccer, as it is known in the U.S, began as a warm up exercise for professional soccer players in Europe, but soon after, it became its own sport, with its own federation and league. The game itself consist of 2-4 players sending a soccer-like ball from one side of the table to the other. A number of world-class soccer players have been attracted by the game, and the sport is now aiming for Olympic inclusion. Our special designed table provides more dynamic to games, with an angle that makes the ball go faster, testing each player's skills to the limit!



The Table

The AirSoccer table is an exclusive and scientifically designed table, in which after a lot of studies , we concluded that a slight inclination would be the best option for this sport. The table is made with a steel or aluminum frame, a water resistant surface, a fixed net in the middle of it made of reinforced acrylic material, and it also has an exclusive rubber bumper protector covering the entire perimeter of the table to avoid any accidents .

The tables measurements are as follow:

9.84 ft in length

4.92 ft in width

23.62 in highest point


The Ball

The AirSoccer ball must be spherical (soccer ball), of a circumference of not more than 28 in and not less than 27 in and not more than 16oz and not less than 14oz in weight at the start of the match.

Air pressure of the ball in competition equals to 0.6 – 1.1 atmosphere (600 – 1,100g/cm2 ) at sea level (8.5lbs/sq in – 15.6lbs/sq in).

The Net 

A - The net is permanently fixed to the AirSoccer table.

B - The net is made out of the following materials: Translucent acrylic, reinforced plastic material.

C - The size specification of the net: A. Width: 1700mm B. Thickness: 20mm C. Height: 140mm (measured from the surface of the AirSoccer table).

    The net is transparent, with rounded corners and rubber protection.