AirSoccer Cup

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Tournament / Games

The Air Soccer Cup games will be played following the FIFA World Cup style, meaning that a team has to advance through the group phase, then proceed to the following phases. There will be two brackets of 32 teams (side A and side B), divided into groups.

This means that there will be 4 teams per group, having a total of 8 groups per bracket. Each team will play a minimum of 3 matches, and the top 2 teams from each group will make it to the octaves of finals. In the octaves of finals, the qualified teams will play against the top two teams from the other group; the team that finished the group phase in first place will play against the team that finished second place of the other group.

The winners of each game will advance to the quarter finals, in which they will face each other. The winners of the quarter finals will then play against each other on the semi-finals, leading up to the final. Each bracket will have its winner. The grand final will be the duel against the best team from bracket A against B, and the winner of this game will be declared the Champion. There will also be a game to determine the third and fourth place.



    •    AirSoccer matches are played in a best of three sets.
    •    Each set is played until a player/team reaches 18 points, and 15 points on the last set; or 25 minutes (if it reaches 25 minutes and the game is still tied there will be a 5 minutes tie break). After every 6 points played (ex- 3-3 or 2-4), teams switch sides on the table.
    •    Every player/team has two attempts to complete a successful serve. The ball must hit or trespass the white line on the other side of the table. If the ball hits the net or lands before the white line, that is a foul serve and the player has a second chance. However, if the ball hits the net and land on the white line or after it, the player must get the ball back and repeat the serve without losing one of his tries. If the ball hits the edge of the table and it changes its trajectory, it is considered a foul serve. The players can’t step on or over the serve line on the floor that is placed 1 meter far from the table. The player can only serve if one of their feet remain on the ground.
    •    The double/player that starts serving on the first set, will begin receiving on the second set.
    •    The players are permitted to go to the opponent's side of the table/arena in order to attack the ball as long as the ball doesn't go backwards to the attacking team’s side. There is going to be a line on the floor dividing both halves of the table. When attacking, the ball must always fall on the opponent’s side of the table in order to be a point.
    •    Every player/team is allowed to return the ball with a maximum of three touches and minimum of one using any part of their body, except their hands and arms. Only when receiving the serve both players must touch the ball before attacking to the opponent’s side.
    •    A player can only touch the ball two consecutive times if he/she passes the ball to their partner before sending back to the opponent’s side, without exceeding the three touches. Therefore, the two touches can only be used for defensive purpose.
    •    While playing, neither the table nor the opponent can be touched. The only situation where a player can touch the table is with their hands for safety purposes.
    •    In order for an edge ball to count as a point, the ball has to go over the table. If the ball hits the edge of the table coming from outside of the table, it is a foul ball.

About AirSoccer

AirSoccer is a sport played over a special designed table using a soccer ball. The objective of the game is to send the ball to the opponent's side of the table with a maximum of three touches.  The player can use any part of their body except their hands and arms, and the ball must cross from one side of the table to the other without hitting the ground.  AirSoccer is a sport that can be played between two players as a singles game or four players as a doubles game, resembling table tennis.  A huge number of world-class soccer players have been attracted by the game, and the sport is now aiming for Olympic inclusion.


The Event 

The AirSoccer Cup will take place in October 27th. The Cup will be held at the “R9 - Ronaldo Academy”, facility located in the heart of Orlando, FL. The complex has 4 soccer fields and a main building, apart from the huge parking lot right in front of it. The AirSoccer Cup will have 19 AirSoccer tables spread across 17 arenas in which players will compete during the Cup. The arenas will be named after each of our sponsors, having their logos all around the boards surrounding the table.

There will also be a DJ booth in the main arena close to the VIP area and the common area, playing music all day long. The VIP area will have around 32 tables able to support 6 people each, with a full buffet service included from 12:00pm to 4:00pm. Apart from the VIP buffet, we will also have many local food trucks parked in front of the main building giving a variety of options to the attendees. The AirSoccer Cup will begin at 9:00am and will finish at 6:00pm.




The AirSoccer Cup will take place in Orlando, one of the biggest cities in Florida. This city is known all around the world for attracting tourists and giving them such a great time that they always want to come back. Apart from these facts, Orlando is also one of the best cities in the United States for soccer fans to enjoy the beautiful game, having the Orlando City and Orlando Pride, both playing in the highest soccer leagues in the country.

The city has over 2.13 million people currently living in it, or in areas surrounding it. With all of this said, we can easily estimate that our Cup will be able to bring at least 1-2 thousand people to enjoy and watch this new sport that is closely related to the beautiful game soccer.