AirSoccer Aluminum PRO #1


Our PRO table was especially structured and design to endure all weather for a long period of time. Its surface is made out of a PVC-like material that is water resistant, its Z shaped legs are made out of aluminum which is a material that doesn’t rust. This table is perfect to be left on a backyard or an open field.

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✔️ WHAT IS AIR SOCCER – AirSoccer is a sport played over this special table using a soccer ball. The objective of the game is to send the ball to the opponent’s side of the table with a maximum of three touches. The player can use any part of their body except their hands and arms.

✔️ PLAY LIKE A PRO – The AirSoccer table was scientifically designed to improve anyone’s skills! It doesn’t matter your age, you will be able to improve your ball control, first touch, header, agility, and much more. Boost your game, be the best!

✔️ THE TABLE – Our table is made with aluminum frame, a water resistant surface, a fixed net in the middle of it (made of acrylic), and it also has an exclusive high impact rubber bumper protector covering the entire perimeter of the table to avoid any accidents.

✔️ WHO IS ALREADY USING OUR TABLE – Professional soccer teams such as Orlando City Soccer Club are already using our tables! High schools, many other soccer clubs nationwide, and also casual players that are looking to improve their skills and have fun are also acquiring it!

✔️ WHY SHOULD EVERYONE PLAY AIRSOCCER – AirSoccer is incredibly fun and brings many benefits to our lives. It helps people stay fit and healthy, it is a sport that involves teamwork, it increases social interactions, increases concentration and focus, and improves skills.

It is a complete game!

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Weight129.27 kg
Dimensions56059 × 56239 × 56300 cm

Size Chart

LENGTH: 9.84 ft
WIDTH: 53.5 in
HEIGHT: 26-33 in
WEIGHT: 250 lb